The Award Winners 2017 are:
Johan de Mylius, Kasper Købke
– both Denmark – and Wenjie Li, China

The award is presented Sunday, April 2 at. 15:30 at Odense Theatre.

In addition to the award ceremony, there will be entertainment by the actor Morten Hemmingsen,
stand-up comedian Brian Mørk, Kai Stensgaard, The Funen Opera, The Royal Ballet in Odense,
Ingrid Kristensen & Co. and the Hans Christian Andersen Parade.

Tickets can be purchased at Odense Theatre or for DKK 145.00 each.

Hans Christian Andersen Award Committee

Since 1996 the Hans Christian Andersen Award Committee has presented its Honarary Award to 44 different organizations and individuals from 12 different countries. These range from Brazil to China and, of course, Denmark is also among them. The Award is presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in working with Hans Christian Andersen and of contributions to promoting and spreading further knowledge of the Danish national poet in many parts of the world. This work is expressed in the publication of new

translations and publications, in many forms of artistic creativity, in philantrophical or educational activities. It has been our undivided pleasure to appreciate those many activities with a award and to celebrate them with an annual ceremony on the poet’s birthday in his native town of Odense. Odense itself has been richly awarded by the many ties link­ing us cordially to men and women from all over the world; many of them return to Odense each year when the 2nd of April approaches.

The Award Ceremony 2016

See pictures from the award ceremony in 2016.

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