Recipients of the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2017 are:

Johan de Mylius, Denmark

for his significant and lifelong interpretation and communication of the works of Hans Christian Andersen

Kasper Købke, Denmark

for his original illustrations of the book ”Fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen”, 2016

Wenjie Li, China

for her pioneering research into the tradition of Hans Christian Andersen in China

Johan de Mylius

As a professor and previous head of the Hans Christian Andersen Centre at the University of Southern Denmark and especially for his pioneering contributions and works into Hans Christian Andersen he has enhanced a much deeper understanding of the works of the national poet of Denmark nationally and internationally, among researchers and in the general public. Thanks to his efforts the traditional image of Hans Christian Andersen as a poet of children’s fairy tales has be demystified in favor of a solid anchoring in the development of our modern literature.

His latest book, Livet og Skriften, is a true opus magnum and can be viewed as a summary of his life’s work. The title itself, The Life and The Scripture, is a fitting motto for a researcher, who has dedicated his own life to the service of the scriptures of H.C. Andersen.Hans Christian Andersen.

Kasper Købke

Once in a while we in the Award Committee see an Award recipient who captures Hans Christian Andersen in a learned and visionary contemporary expression. And we really appreciate it.

A work which spanned more than 5.000 hours. A work which shows real and rare dedication. A work which was planned minutely. A work which succeeded. All in all the illustrations that Kapper Købke has managed to develop for the book ”Fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen” is a real achievement that Kasper Købke has presented. To the great enjoyment of us all.

The wealth of details in the illustrations shows an immersive respect and understanding of the life and works of Hans Christian Andersen. And we are sure that Andersen – in his own words – would have thought Kasper Købke to be ”diligent” – but also impressed with the many layers that the illustrations show.

Wenjie Li

The Ph. D. thesis of Wenjie Li shows a groundbreaking research into the tradition of Hans Christian Andersen in China and gives a thorough overview of the spread of Hans Christian Andersen in China and also shows its significance and causes. We see the long list of translations and its shifting challenges caused by the different contemporary understanding in which they were made. It is also documented how Hans Christian Andersen gave a completely new understanding of fairy telling and understanding in China and created an unprecedented interest among readers for the fictional persons involved in the fairy tales and their development.  This creates a much greater extent that previously a form of identification with the fictional story and a definite fascination of their entire mood and artistic content.

The thesis of Wenjie Li and the long and impressive list of articles that she has also published contain an impressive documentation of the influence of Hans Christian Andersen as well as a unique and necessary discussion of the premises for linguistic and cultural translation between European languages and Chinese.

The Award Winning Ceremony will take place Sunday April 2nd, 2017 at 15.30 at Odense Theater.

Besides the presentation of the three Awards there will be entertainment by the Royal Ballet School in Odense, readings form actor Olaf Johannessen, the Funen Opera, Kai Stensgaard on marimba, Ingrid Kristensen Dance Company and the Hans Christian Andersen Parade.

Compere is Natali Vallespir Sand.

Tickets can be bought on the website for Odense Theater and on the website ””.

Further information from Susanne Wiese Kristensen, Hans Christian Andersen Award Committee, phone +45 22 48 68 59.