Award Winner in 1998:
H.C. Andersen-Centret by Johan de Mylius

Award Winner:

In my home, a rustic-looking book cast in bronze is placed in the windowsill next to the writing desk. This was presented to me by the Hans Christian ­Andersen Award Committee, and I re­ceived it on behalf of the Hans Christian Andersen Center in 1998. On the right page of the open bronze book the following words are engraved: „Presented to Johan de Mylius on behalf of the Hans Christian Andersen Center for the center’s achievements in research and promotion of the poet“.

Whether in this case the bronze book was presented to the center or to its director of studies, the greatest effect of winning the award is the admission to the „club“, or, as the Award Committee would put it, the membership of the „family“. You join the circle of Danish and foreign award winners, some of whom meet each year around Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday in order to refresh old acquaintances. ­In the business language so eagerly adopted by today’s universities, this is called „networking“. In the long term, this cosy and informal Hans Christian ­Andersen network may well be the most important result of the annual awards presentation. On the occasion of the annual awards presentation, when new members are admitted to the „club“ or the „family“, we are reminded of the fact that Hans Christian Andersen is not exclusively Danish, but belongs to the whole word. He is both Danish and everything else.

Johan de Mylius
Director of Studies

The Hans Christian Andersen Center, represented by Johan de Mylius for his research and promotion activities