Award Winner in 1999:
Annelies van Hees

Award Winner:

I remember my feeling of joy when I was presented with the award in 1999.

I remember many wonderful conferences, particularly a conference day where the subject was films about Hans Christian Andersen and where the knowledgeable film experts impressed me by knowing just about everything about the films shown.

I remember the last Copenhagen ­excursion, with a city wandering guided by an actor, who didn’t mind singing or telling about Andersen and Copen­hagen in the street. Wandering in the poet’s footsteps was a stirring experience, but it was equally stirring to walk around in his Nyhavn apartment. I remember all the other wonderful award winners and the no less wonderful members of the Award Committee, all of whom I hope to meet again.

Thank you very much,
Annelies van Hees

Annelies van Hees, Netherlands for her Dutch translations of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales and for her contribution to Andersen research