Award Winner in 2017:
Illustrator Kasper Købke

Award Committee:

Once in a while we in the Award Committee see an Award recipient who captures Hans Christian Andersen in a learned and visionary contemporary expression. And we really appreciate it.

A work which spanned more than 5.000 hours. A work which shows real and rare dedication. A work which was planned minutely. A work which succeeded. All in all the illustrations that Kasper Købke has managed to develop for the book ”Fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen” is a real achievement that Kasper Købke has presented. To the great enjoyment of us all.

The wealth of details in the illustrations shows an immersive respect and understanding of the life and works of Hans Christian Andersen. And we are sure that Andersen – in his own words – would have thought Kasper Købke to be ”diligent” – but also impressed with the many layers that the illustrations show.

Illustrator Kasper Købke, Denmark, for his original illustrations of the book ”Fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen”, 2016.