Award Winner in 2001:
Susse Wold

Award Committee:

The award, The fairy tale of my life, is presented to Susse Wold for her dedication towards promoting Hans Chris­tian Andersen’s stories and fairy tales. It is no surprise that Susse Wold, among her other artistic activities, also promotes Andersen. Ever since she concluded her drama school studies in 1960, she has shown herself to be an actress of great talent and artistic versatility. Her great talent has shown itself with equally masterful performances in tragedies and comedies and has been appreciated by audiences in Denmark and abroad. Her artistic versatility is also confirmed by her achievements as a stage director. Susse Wold has dedicated her great ­talent to a very personal promotion of Hans Christian Andersen and his art, which is characterized by deep empathy and intuitive understanding of them both. Her strong personal dedication and particular understanding of Andersen is especially seen in the show H.C. Andersen- mennesket og digteren (Hans Christian Andersen- the man and the fairy tale teller). With Bent Mejding, Susse Wold has performed this show in many parts of the world. Her communication of Andersen’s works is characterized by her emphasis on deep loyalty towards the poet and his language. Through her readings and the show H.C. Andersen –the man and the fairy tale teller, Susse Wold has proven herself to be an outstanding promoter and ambassador of Hans Christian Andersen and his world.

Susse Wold for her dedication towards promoting the fairy tales and stories of Hans Christian Andersen in Denmark and abroad.