Award Winner in 2023:
Klodian Briçi, Albanien

Award Committee:

Klodian Briçi is a prolific and well-known Albanian translator, who has translated more than 40 books from mainly English and Italian, but also e.g., novels by the Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf. All to the benefit of the Albanian public who is traditionally very interested in literature – both Albanian and foreign. Hans Christian Andersen has been published in Albania before with the largest selection in 1987 including 27 fairy tales. But with Klodian Briçi’s new edition from 2020 and of 900 pages(!) including 99 fairy tales, we now have really the first major and adequate selection of Hans Christian Andersen’s multifaceted writing in the Albanian language.

Klodian Briçi’s translation does not only enrich the ever-growing corpus of Andersen’s work in foreign languages but adds a major author of world literature to the canon of Albanian literature.

Klodian Briçi, Albania for his translation of 99 fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen