Award Winner in 2000:
H.C. Andersen Paraden

Award Winner:

When I sit at my dining table I can see the award in bronze, and the beautifully framed diploma on the wall. Every day, they give me joy and continuously encourage me to go on fighting for the cause of Hans Christian Andersen.

At the celebrations in 2000, I remember as highlights the lunch with her Majesty the Queen or sitting at the press conference next to Roger Moore. This was an altogether beautiful day, remaining clearly in my memory, stamped in it with the clarity of the pages of a fairy tale book. A consequence of great importance is the membership of the ‘family’, which gathers at a festive banquet each year on the 2nd of April. Working with Andersen, taking an interest in him, the dedication to in the man and his work in a variety of ways and languages, unites all of us award winners with the committee in a fantastic way, as if with a magic bond. It is amazing! Luck may lie in – an award!

Torben Iversen

The H.C. Andersen Paraden for promoting knowledge of Hans Christian Andersen in Denmark and abroad through the wide popular appeal of their performances