Award Winner in 2015:
Musician Chilly Gonzales and director Adam Traynor, Canada

Award Committee:

The musician Chilly Gonzales and the director Adam Traynor have in their joint effort created a unique experience of one of the Hans Christian Andersen stories – The Shadow. The production is a blend of a concert and a shadow play.

The production contains a host of other art forms and genres, blending simplicity and complexity, pop and tradition, immediacy and artifice.

Chilly Gonzales and Adam Traynor prove to be a congenial pair of master illusionists, who touch our emotions and dazzle our intellect in a series of suggestive dramatic and musical effects. They remind us how Hans Christian Andersen’s universe and his dark story relate to our own contemporary obsessions.

Musician Chilly Gonzales and director Adam Traynor, Canada, for for the Schauspiel Köln production of ”The Shadow”