Award Winner in 2000:
Régis Boyer

Award Winner:

in France H.C. Andersen has always been considered, as a great writer composing exclusively for children or illustrating the rules of folk­tale. It has been a real pleasure for me to show that this immense author was far more than this small reputation and that we ought to consider him as one of the greatest writers Europe has known.

The Andersen Award proved that I was not wrong in my opinion and efforts. I succeeded publishing him in a new translation in our most famous book collection in 1992 and 1995. Since then, and thanks to this Award, I have been able to illustrate the double aims I wanted to illustrate: defending the best values of a Scandinavian (here, Danish) genius and struggling against the false ideas that are commonplace in my country about it.

Régis Boyer

Régis Boyer, France
for his French translations of works by Hans Christian Andersen
and for his contribution to Andersen research